In short, the role of an owner’s representative is to assist and advise the owner so that the owner’s expectations for budget, schedule and quality are met.

As an Owner's Representative, I offer a broad range of services related to design and construction. It should be noted that, while not all of these services are applicable to every project, those that are will need to be provided by someone. It's easy to see how a major construction project can begin to overshadow day to day business operations!

Because the entire design/construction process is so tightly integrated, the greatest value is obtained when the owner’s representative is selected as early as possible


  • Master planning and feasibility study.
    • Site review
    • Due diligence analysis.  
  • Architect selection process.
    • Significant knowledge of local and regional designers.
    • Draft and review of RFP.
    • Assist owner with review of responses, interviews and evaluation process.
    • Assist with design contract based on legal experience
  • Manage on going development issues.
    • Work with civil engineer and attorneys, where applicable
  • Assist with overall project budget.
  • Assist with overall project schedule including design, construction and move-in.
  • Attend design meetings.
    • Make suggestions based on experience.
    • Challenge the designer’s assumptions in a constructive manner.
    • Offer Value Engineering suggestions.
  • Coordinate issues between architect and contractor during design phase.
  • Provide information to team on behalf of owner during design concerning owner furnished equipment and services that must be incorporated in the project.


  • Assist with process for selection of contractor
    • Determine when and how the contractor is to be selected.
    • Draft RFP; review responses; conduct interviews
  • Make recommendations concerning construction delivery methods.
    • Lump sum.
    • Construction management at risk.
    • Construction management agency, or
    • Design build.
  • Assist with negotiation of construction contract based on legal and construction experience.
  • Review and evaluate contractor’s initial construction schedule.
  • Oversee constructability analysis.
  • Oversee permit application.


  • Attend all owner progress meetings once construction begins.
  • Provide periodic status reports, oral and written, to owner and owner’s building committee or Board throughout the course of the project as required.
  • Assist with ordering and providing owner furnished services and equipment so that owner does not delay the project.
  • Review all change order requests and advise owner.
  • Review architect’s monthly requisitions and advise owner.
  • Review all monthly Applications for Payment from contractor.
    • Check work in place versus amount requested.
    • Review underlying releases from subcontractors and suppliers where appropriate.
    • Coordinate the payment process pursuant to the terms of the construction contract.
    • Advise owner if contractor does not appear to have sufficient funds to complete.
  • Review actual construction periodically with owner.
  • Proactively anticipate and provide solutions to design and construction problems before they become significant.
  • Coordinate and attend special meetings or work sessions required to identify and solve problems that will inevitably arise throughout the course of the project.
  • Work with design team and contractor to minimize any potential disputes.
  • Monitor schedule and advise owner of appropriate action if contractor falls behind.
    • Monitor subcontractor progress.
    • Monitor long lead items.
    • Monitor weather impact.
  • Coordinate owner furnished inspections.

Close Out

  • Participate in punch list process.
  • Provide that final closeout by contractor is completed promptly.
  • Advise owner concerning final payment.

Contracts and Negotiation

  • Protect owner’s interests as set forth in contract documents.
  • Assist owner with negotiations concerning design related disputes.
  • Assist owner with negotiations concerning construction related disputes.
  • Provide any testimony on behalf of owner in the event of arbitration or litigation.
  • Assist with warranty issues, if necessary
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